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Black was conceived and recorded as part of my 2007 experiment to release a musical work every month for as long as possible. Black was May 2007.

The initial conception was for a series of colour-themed noise recordings, Black noise, being a non-scientific designation for silence. As such, I decided to build the album upwards element-by-element, from silence, or at least near-silence. Thematically it also suggested a traditional darkness, a sense of unknown. Thus a great deal of the sound sources here are simple objects, but pitched and affected out of recognition, creating a strange world of sound almost from the perspective of a blind man.

This release also marked a turning point in the Asphixiator project, away from modulated sound sources, and towards more linear composition from multiple elements.

This version was remixed+remastered April 2010 for superior sonics, and should, for the time being, be regarded the definitive edition of this album.


released May 30, 2007

All music written and recorded by Paul F. Ferguson
Recorded 2007 on Wounded Ears Mobile Ætiological Research Facilities




timidelfdesigns UK

Various musics by Paul F. Ferguson.

Exploratory, thematic, ambient, electronic, acousmatic, noise, experimental, drone, minimalist.

Music as texture. Texture as music.

Your mileage may vary.
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Track Name: Time of Darkness
"The slogan is the flower that will sell the turd
And still the mouths are flapping open
Begging for the master to shovel in more shit
So it’s no wonder that’s all that comes back up when they talk"