Genus Bioluminescent

by Snowman Made of Mud

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NOTE: I was not able to locate the original audio files for this, so it has been converted from compressed copies. So, that, combined with the fact it's a load of crap nobody should ever listen to, I apologise for.


This album was conceived on Christmas Day 2004. Certain portions of it (track 3 for example) were actually written on Christmas Day. The primary inspiration for this was the record Delirium Cordia by Fantomas, which is a one-track album themed around the experience of going through surgery.

At the time, I was working on two different records (Amblience and Cadencecraft) which I had only recently abandoned. One was ambient, the other was based around complex drum programming. I consolidated these two approaches into Genus Bioluminescent alongside a horror-based conceptual approach.

This record is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. The story informing the piece is of a man who, in his loneliness and isolation, tries to kill himself by biting through the skin of his wrist. He fails, but passes out from the blood loss. He then experiences extremely vivid dreams of being inside his own body, where various invertebrates are essentially eating him alive. At the conclusion, he awakens several days later, and finds his wrist has scabbed over. He peels off this scab and his "soul" comes rushing out of the wound until such time as he is dead.

Musically, lots of slow drones, and atonal noise and distortion. Some of these tracks feature really weird rhythmical things that I don't think work that well in hindsight, but I'm so far removed from having made this that I find it pretty interesting to look back on it now.


released April 1, 2005

All music written and recorded by Paul F. Ferguson.
Recorded 2004-2005 on Wounded Ears Mobile Ætiological Research Facilities.




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Various musics by Paul F. Ferguson.

Exploratory, thematic, ambient, electronic, acousmatic, noise, experimental, drone, minimalist.

Music as texture. Texture as music.

Your mileage may vary.
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