The Devyllfysh

by Snowman Made of Mud

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This was the first "album" I ever recorded. It was recorded in one take on an old Sony audio cassette recorder in 2002, at a time when I had no musical skill whatsoever, using a my younger sister's Yamaha keyboard. It's here for curiosity purposes only.

The "story" is about an ancient cthulhu-esque space god bringing about the end of the world or something. In spite of its near worthlessness as a piece of music, there are parts of this that I still find interesting and amusing, if nothing else.

The way the 33 "movements" work is that when I was first recording this from tape into digital, I roughly split the file wherever I changed keyboard voice, and built the flimsy illusion of narrative through ridiculous titles for each. I performed a minor restoration in 2013 and re-edited this disaster into three tracks instead of the 33 original tracks, so if you really must digest this awful thing, at least it'll be more manageable.


released June 1, 2002

All music written and recorded by Paul F. Ferguson
Recorded 2002, on the floor, live to cassette tape




timidelfdesigns UK

Various musics by Paul F. Ferguson.

Exploratory, thematic, ambient, electronic, acousmatic, noise, experimental, drone, minimalist.

Music as texture. Texture as music.

Your mileage may vary.
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